About Us

How the GCMN came to be
For a number of years, individuals in this scene participated in WOMEX, but felt out of place. As DJ’s or record labels of more urban and electronic music it was hard to breach the set groups of presenters and media. After efforts of several labels and DJ’s to gather these individuals, some decided it was about time to get organized and commit to a collective more seriously.
The GCMN took shape in 2013, resulting in our debuted at WOMEX in Cardiff 2013. With 12 members we presented ourselves at a trade fair and included a Silent Disco in out stand, to attract and showcase our music. Also, the GCMN hosted a successful network session to get to know each other, inventory the problems we need to work on and the successes of the past year.

The Global Club Music Network is a strong supporter of the two DJ Summit club nights and encourages artists to apply for WOMEX showcases and submit conference proposals on related topics.

In 2014 the network is expanding fast, adding members from new locations, backgrounds and genres. We plan to release at least 2 Remix EP’s with partners, launch a monthly online radio show incl. charts, be present at several conventions (APAP/GLobalFest, Babel Med, Primavero Pro, SXSW, WOMEX, AME and more).

Mission Statement
To build an international network of professional Global Bass artists to enhance visibility, collaboration, performance opportunities, and in developing special projects; with an emphasis on bridging the generation gap between the developing Global Bass scene and traditional World Music industry.

Our Vision
As we become more digitally connected, information and communication have become more accessible. This access has made cultural exploration, dialog, and collaboration increasingly possible. It has, to some extent, erased national borders and expanded diplomacy through the global Arts more effectively,perhaps, then some government efforts.

The Global Club Music Network exists at the forefront of this phenomenon. It’s members balance themselves between cutting edge digital technology and rich cultural traditions throughout urban centers around the world. They are an emerging class of globalista, music curator, taste maker, practitioner, organizer and instigator who have independently developed audiences locally, while collaborating and sharing ideas internationally.

Our members consist of DJs, remixers, (live) artists, record labels, booking agents, producers, presenters & journalists committed to presenting live and recorded forms of electronic dance music rooted within the many cultural sounds of traditional world music.