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GCMN Team Feedbacks After Womex 15


I had so much fun playing my favourite Global Beats tunes at the DJ Summit. Everybody, thank you for your beautiful dance and celebration. Thank you Global Club Music Network for the support and the love. Success is so much sweeter when celebrated together. World Music Forum NL thank you for helping me getting the word out about my showcase, it worked! The dancefloor was full! It is great to be supported.

Esta Polyesta

As it was my 10th WOMEX, I had a little celebration. Which I really celebrated 100%!
The unofficial party on wednesday was a success as well as our common stand. I liked also that so many Polish collegues and musicians were at the fair this year. There are rumors: WOMEX 2017 in Polonia 🙂 I really didn’t like the unfriendliness of so many Hungarian people (exceptions like our Hungarian collegues prove the rule). Culture clash…

Darius Darek

I was introduced by GCMN to Womex as my friend Captain Cumbia (DJ summit 2013) shared a stand with the crew. Since then I’m extending my network and getting broadcast on the remix compilation. Moreover, there’s always a GCMN fellow that knows this booker or this artist. It’s like instead of knowing twenty people, I know four hundreds of them now! And because I have to say something negative on the whole experience, I’d really like Womexicans to be more and more to come from the global beats scene. We need more DJs!

– Romain @ Vlad

This WOMEX was probably the best one for me… The Global Club Music Network, 3th year of participance, had a nice exposure and definitely intensive action. An off party on the fantastic boat A38 presenting 8 DJs and 2 live acts, visited by the most delegates present on Wednesday after the official WOMEX opening party – the best „warm up“ 🙂 Our stand was a place for contacts, talks, exchange, but also the spot for our silent disko. At last but not at least the GCMN panel discussion brought connections between people, continents and music style we never thought before of. For me personally it was beautiful to meet again the „family“ of djs, producers, musicians, labels like every year, enjoying the great weather, hingarian food & wine. And finally i made it to a #cityboy dancer 🙂

Kosta Kostov

GCMN & Friends MASH UP – unofficial Womex Opening party

Since 2011 the Global Club Music Network has introduced the vibrant up & coming sounds of Global live & electronic music.

After making people dance at our Silent Disco during Womex’s Trade Fair in #Cardiff, at our 2hr outdoor solar powered dance fest with @Wapapura in #Santiago the Compostela, GCMN is taking it to the next level:

For the Womex edition in Budapest, GCMN teams up with local hotspot A38 (official DJ Summit location) to create a massive opening party!

Join some of our 18 GCMN members, from 13 countries, together with local Budapest artists, for a FREE night of the hottest Global Beats!

Happy to team with our Hungarian based friends:
@Irie Maffia Prod
@Redred ( @Elo & @Mensa)
@Savages y Suefo

GCMN memners bringing for your dancefloor pleasure:
DJ Darius Darek (Germany/Poland)
Rebel up! DJ Crew (Belgium)
DJ Kosta Kostov (Germany/Bulgaria)
DJ Soundculture (Chicago)
and cameo apperances by DJ Insectosound (Col/LA) (from Official Womex showcasing artist Palenke Soultribe)
DJ Mir (USA/LA) & much more!!!


See you in Budapest!

Facebook event=

Ghetto Folk 2016: Vlad New Promo Sampler Out

Vlad‘s GHETTO FOLK 2016 promo sampler just arrived!
Avec/Starring BxPsDJ ChernobylSidi WachoCheckpoint GuanabanaOPSA – Aleksandar Stanic – NEKIMasala SoundsystemSuperStereoKILLO KILLO bandaSauvage FMBoris ViandeTactical Groove OrbitAÄLMA DILIFlying PoohRafael AragonMarabout Orkestra
Ask for your free copy if you’re pushing ghetto folk things forward!

+ Meet us at WOMEX 2015 / Budapest / Stand 2.48!

GCMN Network Session at WOMEX: Connecting Movers and Shakers

GCMN NETWORK SESSION at WOMEX: Connecting Movers and Shakers

“Possibilities in live electronic global music and urban/youth culture”
Start your day fresh with this excellent opportunity to know more about this vibrant music scene and urban youth cultures. Discuss tools to incorporate this into your event. Share your success stories, issues you face and strategies to build sustainable touring circuits and alternatives to the existing ’industry’. GCMN has curated events at Druga Godba, released two remix compilations with WOMEX, presented panels/events during Primavera and APAP, and matched artists for musical collaborations. It’s time to open up to new possibilities and venture further into global dance music!

Checkpoint Guanabana’s new LP is ready!

CHECKPOINT GUANABANA is a new music project founded by Alejo Marulanda & Hermano Simón, two Colombian-Berliners that together with some of the most representative musicians of Berlin´s Latin-scene are putting their twist on the sounds of Global Bass & Electronic Music live, creating afro-latin rhythms like merengue, cumbia, salsa, merecumbé or timba (amongst others) combined with power-funk, hip-hop and one of their most important influences: electronica from Berlin, their headquarter. More info about the band:

Their LP is just ready to go and will be release on ghetto-folk label Vlad.

Hermano Simón will be at Womex 2015 (Budapest): meet him on the GCMN stand – nr 1.96!

Meet GCMN team at Womex 15 / Stand nr 1.96!

Darius Roncoszek
David Chavez / Sound Culture
Esta Goosens – Esta PolyEsta
Kosta Kostov
Miriam Brenner / Kokako Music
Seb Bassleer / Rebel Up
Simon Cabezas – Checkpoint Guanabana
Elton Oliviera – DJ Preto El
Chris Tofu – Continental Drifts

Palenke Soultribe (Kokako Music) –
Rancho Aparte (Evviva Show) –

Latinos and the Global Music Industry Challenges, Opportunities and Contributions:
Possibilities in live electronic global music and urban/youth culture: