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Dave Watts (D.WattsRiot, Earconditioning)

From London to Kazakhstan, Malta to Serbia, Sweden to Canarian volcanic tubes, and many points in-between – the typical nightclub, festival settings, to collaborations with storytellers, or museum openings, squat parties, social manifestations, his record box contains more that ‘just shake yer booty’: the ever shifting political and cultural landscape we face is woven into the fabric of his sets.

Kosta Kostov (BxPs / Funkhaus Europa – Köln, DE)

From The Balkans to Brasil and Back on Zick-Zack // LIVE + DJ set

#DJ: Kosta Kostov (Womex alumni) part of the Global Player collective Koln, a usual in Brazil, Sziget World stage resident 2014.
#Presenter: Host of the 10 year running, monthly party Balkan Express
#Radio host, program: Kostbar cooking favorite dishes with his guest artists accompanied by their latest tunes.

KK – //
BxPs – //