Our combined members have years of experience: performing around the world, curating events, managing and promoting music, organizing and funding successful parties, and scouting new talent and fresh sounds.
We move in many branches of the music industry: from local clubs, international festivals, the electronic scene, the latin underground movement, world music genres, the pop scene and colorful area’s in between.

  • Looking for a fresh, energetic line-up?
  • Want to reach a younger audience?
  • Surprise your loyal crowd?
  • Not familiar with Djs, producers, soundsystems of the latest trends in the live/electronic scene

Don’t reinvent the wheel.
Get in touch with GCMN for custom advice. GCMN can:

  • curate your event, programming artists, or setting up a special club night
  • advise on way to incorporate such artists, fitting your spefic situation
  • providing workshops on several topics, levels of expertise and participants. (Ableton live, to DJ mixing, making remixes and much more.)

GCMN has curated events for Druga Godba festival Slovenia, curated showcase nights in Budapest (Womex’ 15) and New York (Apap ’16 at Meridian 23) and more.
Get in touch for more information, possibilities and rates.